Outlier University

The vast majority of churches in our Post-Modern Western Culture do not address teaching Apologetics, which is the logical and factual defense of the Christian Faith. Our church, The Road at Chapel Hills in Colorado Springs, is exceptional, an OUTLIER (not in the realm of the average) in offering deep and meaningful instruction in the faith of Jesus In Outlier University, we will take on difficult topics such as IS THE BIBLE TRUE AND HOW DO YOU KNOW, DARLUTION (Darwinism and Evolution), THE ABSURDITY OF LIFE WITHOUT GOD, GOD – REAL OR INVENTED, THE PROBLEM OF EVIL, RELATIVISM and many more topics as our course work progresses. Come and join our classes – we need you.  The classes will be interactive with class participation. As time permits, we also plan to put Christianity on Trial using real attorneys and a judge – the class will provide the witnesses and will be the jury. Please pray for our church and our classes. Also, please pray for our Pastor, Steve Holt, for his leadership and openness to our new undertaking.

In preparation for the weekly classes, please refer to the following handouts:

Additional Courses

Below is a list of courses presented by Ron J. Lint

Faith – What is it?                                                                                                       

Faith is often misunderstood and misused in the Christian community. Faith is often used as an evasive answer to profound

questions posed by another Christian or by one attempting to understand Christian doctrine and beliefs. For example: “Why do you think the Bible is the True Word of God?” Or: “How do you know Jesus rose from the dead?” To these dire questions, we answer: “You just have faith brother/ sister.” Used in such a manner, FAITH is never an answer to such a question – never! This course examines what faith is and what it is not.

Up From the Dead He Arose 

This is a powerful two hour presentation on proving the resurrection and deity of Christ by using only the Rules of Evidence in Court.  Handouts and a Power Point are provided.

The Absurdity of Life Without God

This one hour program asks the question: What would life be like if there were no God?  The answers might astound you.  Handouts and Power Point are provided.

Darlution – Science or Philosophy

This program is offered in a series of six presentations – 1 hr. each.  The program focuses on Who is Charles Darwin, What is Darwinian Evolution & Why is it Important, and What Are the Logical Weaknesses of Darwinian Theory.  Also studied are the fossil record and Radiometric Dating.  Handouts and Power Point are provided.

Feet Firmly Planted in Quicksand

This two hour program delves deeply into Relativism and its destructiveness in our families, churches, and our culture.  Relativism has become the leading religion of the Western World and as such is rapidly destroying Truth and Moral Absolutes.  Handouts and Power Point are provided.  This program was first presented to the graduate students at Regent University at their request.

God: Real or Invented

Saying that God exists because you have faith that He exists is not convincing to a non-believer or honest inquirer.  We must have specific reasons for knowing that God exists and be ready to articulate our beliefs in a clear and convincing manner.  This program is presented in a series of six presentations – 1 hr. each.  Handouts and Power Point are provided.

The Problem of Evil 

The existence of evil in the world is perhaps the most used reason for not believing in an omniscient, omnipotent, and benevolent God.  If God were all powerful, why doesn’t He eradicate all evil?  If He is benevolent, why doesn’t He eradicate evil?  He must not be all powerful and benevolent, or else there is no God.  There are answers to this genuine inquiry, and we must know the answers and be ready to respond to the hurting heart who is walking away from God because of evil in the world.  This one hour presentation includes handouts and Power Point.

Faith is a Verb

Faith is being grossly misused in the Christian community.  Faith seems amorphous to most; indescribable to others; a feeling to some; a handy Christianese term for a few.  But what is faith?  How is it displayed?  Does it have real power?  How can we increase our faith?  This one hour program attempts to delve into these crucial questions.  Handouts and Power Point are provided.

The Historical Authenticity of the Bible

This one hour program proves that the Bible is the most historically authentic book in ancient literature.  No other book is comparable to the Bible.  Biblical and secular historical evidence is presented to demonstrate the authenticity of the Bible.  Notes and Power Point are provided.

Is the Bible the True & Inerrant Word of God?

This powerful presentation will take seven hours and will specifically answer the question: Is the Bible True?  Scientific Evidence, Historical Evidence & Legal (logical) Evidence will be utilized in this presentation.  Full class notes, with fill-ins required, will be available.  Charts will be used to show the logical ties from one point of evidence to another.  At the end of the class, 3 x 5 cards will be passed out showing the bare essentials of the arguments.  This card can be referred to should you be called upon to answer the question: Is the Bible True?

Are There Contradictions in the Bible?

Christians are challenged regularly regarding either real or imagined contradictions in the Bible.  Rarely can the challenger actually point to a contradiction; however, whether he points to it or not, apparent contradictions are present.  The informed Christian should not dismiss this challenge with a blanket denial, but be ready with a defense.  Biblical contradictions fall into several categories and are usually explainable to the point of demonstrating that the passages in question are not contradictions at all.  The informed Christian makes claims of inerrancy with regard to the original manuscripts only.  There are some minor discrepancies in our modern versions (referred to as Scribal Errors), but there are no contradictions or errors having to do with Biblical principles, moral standards, salvation, historical events or places, or Christian Doctrine.   This is a one or two hour program, depending on detail of presentation.

Taking the Tough Questions

Why is the Bible True?  Why is there evil in the world?  Why doesn’t God eradicate all evil if He is the good and all-powerful God you say He is?  Is there any evidence of the resurrection of Christ?  Hasn’t science disproved the concept of God?  And on and on it goes.  Christians often do not know how to defend their faith; they don’t know how to answer these tough questions.  The results: people are lost to the world and Christians are dismissed as simple-minded radicals who don’t know exactly what they believe or exactly why they believe it.  This is an interactive class with no format and where we all wrestle with real life questions.  No one can have all the answers, but together we can make a difference.  This is a one hour program.