A Letter from Jesus

Jesus has written you a personal letter…

My Dear Child:

Sin! Is that your problem?  Is that why you don’t surrender to me?  If your friends, co-workers and family knew all about you — what you have done in private — they would lose all respect and admiration for you.  Some might even be sickened and shun you, or denounce any relationship with you. This is your fear, isn’t it?

You hate it, but you have a secret life, and it’s different from your public life.  You have hateful, or hurtful thoughts — sometimes licentious and full of lust.  Sometimes you want to destroy the reputation of another.  You often use people to further your own agenda.  You’ll lie, too, if necessary.  But, you won’t tolerate others lying to you.  Matter of fact, you have a double standard — one for you, and one (much more demanding) for others.  Oh, you don’t admit this to yourself, do you?  Too uncomfortable.  You have to be right, even righteous.  That requires, of course, that others are wrong — off base, stupid, immature, naive, inexperienced, unaware. You rob the dignity of others at times, don’t you.  You think you can suck the dignity out of others and use it for your own; take the self-respect from others and use it for yourself.  All this instead of asking Me for these things, which I would give freely.

You don’t steal anything, at least not in a long time.  You have just about everything you need.  Except, of course, the self-respect and dignity you so thirst for.  It’s the sin.  It just won’t go away.  You admit that you have a problem with a burning desire for a job and house like your friends at church have.  Wouldn’t mind having his wife, too.  He has it made and doesn’t work nearly as hard as you do.  It’s not fair — he’s had everything handed to him.  Think of the people you could impress with a house like that.

You’ve had a couple of affairs, but they didn’t mean anything — according to your reasoning.  Sex has always been a big part of your life, but no one knows about that.  If people only knew what goes on in your mind; in your secret life.  If they knew, all would be lost.  You couldn’t stand the shame.  You’d end up divorced; no relationship with your children or friends.  Alone! Alone!  You don’t want to be alone.  But you’re full of sin, and you know it.

I’ve also noticed that you can’t seem to get rid of the hate you have for your brother-in-law, not to speak of your boss at work.  You’ve been dishonest there, too, but no one knows about that.  You have damaged the reputation of your company and your boss many times, and then there was the time you took company property for your own use.  You don’t give a full workday to your employer either, do you?  But, that’s his fault — he doesn’t deserve it.  And if you could only forget the abortion you encouraged and paid for years ago.  After all, it was only a conglomeration of cells — not a human being, right?

This is why you don’t come to your Savior, isn’t it?  You think that it’s hopeless.  You can’t be forgiven such sin, so it’s easier to reject Me before I reject you.  Right?  But you hurt so much and you want so much to be clean; to be loved, accepted, and forgiven.  But, you’re convinced that you cannot be forgiven, it’s too late.

You might wonder how I know what is in you heart and spirit.  I am He who died for your sins, hanging from a cross.  I am He who loves you and wants a close personal relationship with you.  Was My sacrifice not sufficient to cover your sins, when it covered all the other sins of mankind?  If your sin is too great to be forgiven, then it is greater than I.  Do you really believe that your sin is greater than the Lord, God of all creation.  Was My death on the cross for you wasted?  Did I die for nothing?  Did I have nails and a sword driven into My body for nothing?  Are you the only one in all of creation who could not be touched by My sacrifice?I know your heart.  I know your sin.  And still I love you.  Don’t you know how much I love you; how much I’m willing to do for you?  Please!  I want you with Me and My Father for all eternity.  Do you know how long eternity is?  If you lived 1,000 years for each grain of sand on Earth, not one second of eternity would have yet past.  Please come to Me.  Will you allow your sin to separate you from Me?  This is Satan’s desire.  Will you do this when I have already paid the price of your sin?  This is My gift to you.  Please accept it.  All you have to do is accept My gift of forgiveness.  Don’t you see, the price has been paid; the punishment meted out?  This, I did for you.  For you!  If you will receive this gift, I make this promise to you: I will remember your sins no more, and I will put them as far away from me as East is from West.  This, I promise.  You will then have no shame, and even I will not know of your sins, because I choose to forget them.  I love you.  Do you love me?  Come to Me now and confess your sins.  I created you and I want to be with you.  I need you.  Don’t you know that?  Why would I create one as precious as you and then die for you, if I didn’t want you with Me for all eternity?  You say you don’t know what to say?  I don’t require fancy words.  Here, I’ll help you.  Pray with Me…

Heavenly Father, I come before you frightened, sinful and ashamed.  I don’t have much faith or trust in You, and I have sinned against You so much.  Father, please forgive me, cleanse me and take away my shame.  Father, I accept the gift of salvation from Your Son, my Lord, Jesus.  From this moment on, I give You my life, my heart and my soul.  I offer this prayer in the name of Jesus, the Christ, my Savior, my Lord.  Amen and Amen.

With All My Love Forever,