40 Rules of Life

  1. Make Christ your Lord (i.e.: obey Him – if you don’t obey Him, you don’t believe in Him).
  2. Tithe – God commands it, and it is necessary for a successful life.  Tithing results in:
    • Complete trust in God – if you cannot let go of your money, you trust money more than God; therefore, money is your God (period!!);
    • A lack of stress and anxiety over money;
    • Effective money management;
    • Refocusing goals and what is most important in life;
    • Deep satisfaction that you are obeying God;
    • Furthering God’s kingdom.
  3. Read the Bible daily and pray.  Do as the Bible directs.
  4. Attend church and Sunday School regularly.
  5. Honor and love your wife/husband.
  6. Honor your mother and father.
  7. Love, teach, and discipline you children.  Take no credit for the good they do, and no blame for the bad.
  8. Lead and provide well for your family.
  9. Set an excellent example for your children.  Forgive yourself when you sometimes fail in this.
  10. Do not lie.  Also, do not use truth as an excuse to hurt someone.  Be honest in all your dealings.
  11. Keep your speech clean and respectful.  It’s often better to remain silent – keep your own counsel.
  12. Respect the authority over you – supervisor at work or otherwise.
  13. Do not seek to destroy the reputation of another.
  14. When faced with extreme challenge, pray for guidance, develop a plan, execute the plan, and remain calm by trusting Jesus.  Panic is nothing less than a lack of faith in Christ.
  15. Never leave a job until you absolutely have a better job to go to.  Always remain employed.
  16. Always pay your bills so that you maintain an excellent credit rating.
  17. Save (invest) 10% of all you earn.
  18. Gain an education that will benefit you and your family.  Become educated beyond your profession.  Read and learn in other areas of life – theology, history, art, literature, astronomy, geology, hobbies, etc.
  19. Use credit only for real estate and a car.
  20. Buy real estate ASAP.
  21. If something seems too good to be true, it is.
  22. The end NEVER justifies the means.  You cannot lie to obtain truth, or use evil to achieve good.
  23. Always do 110% of what is asked of you.
  24. Do not allow jealousy to take hold of you.  It will destroy you.
  25. Do not allow pride (the opposite of being humble) to take hold of you.  Put others first.  It’s not about you.
  26. Do not hate another.  The hate will turn on you like a cancer.
  27. Always forgive others and yourself.  Forgiveness is a choice that benefits most the one giving it.
  28. Admit you are wrong when you are – ask for forgiveness.
  29. Do all with astounding excellence.
  30. Do not do things that will cause you to be ashamed.  You cannot be one person in private and another in public.  You will end up hating yourself and you will eventually be discovered.
  31. Do the hard thing; it’s usually the right thing.
  32. Do not smoke or do drugs.
  33. Do not ever become drunk.
  34. Do not steal.
  35. Do not covet what others have.  Greed (like hate) is a cancer to the sole of man.
  36. Pray for wisdom, and seek the advice of wise people.
  37. You are judged by the company you keep, and you become similar to the company you keep.  Like it or not, that’s just the way it is.  Do not keep the company of fools.
  38. Do not blame others for your own shortcomings.  You own them.
  39. Control your private thoughts – lust, hate, immorality, plotting destruction, feelings of failure, etc.
  40. Most people think small, and they achieve little.  Don’t be one of them.  Walk your own path – don’t follow the crowd.  Dream big, have high goals, and achieve most of them.   Dreams are the stuff reality is made of.