24 Rules of Leadership

24 Rules of Leadership is also available as a PDF Download

Leadership is:

  1. Working hard;
  2. Going there first to show the way and set the example;
  3. Coaching all those for whom you are responsible;
  4. Listening before answering;
  5. Being open to new ideas;
  6. The ability to discern right from wrong;
  7. Seeing what needs to be done and doing it, or making sure it is done by others;
  8. Taking action;
  9. The ability to see the big picture;
  10. Fairness in the face of unfairness;
  11. Never compromising basic principals — always willing to compromise a process;
  12. Standing alone — the willingness to make unpopular decisions;
  13. The ability to do unpleasant tasks;
  14. Standing for something;
  15. The ability to set worthy goals and then encourage others to their attainment;
  16. Being achievement oriented;
  17. The ability to delegate and do only what only you can do — don’t take back a task that has been delegated;
  18. The willingness and ability to follow-up — to inspect what you expect (my daughter hates it when I say that);
  19. Having vision;
  20. Caring about those you lead — acting in the best interest of all;
  21. Willing to be responsible.
  22. Not penalizing people for integrity;
  23. Standing up under pressure; and
  24. Standing up under praise.  (The most difficult of all!)